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Welcome on our Webcampak Wiki, it contains a User Guide and various additional details.
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About Webcampak

"Webcampak", is an integrated piece of software aiming to interconnect DSLR/Compact cameras, USB Webcams, IP Cameras, ... to the rest of the world. It is an autonomous appliance, once installed and configured it can stay online for months, automatically capturing and processing pictures.

Where IP Cameras available on the market target framerate and seamless streaming, we took it the other way around and target high quality and customizable output but with a very low framerate.

Discover Webcampak

Webcampak is provided with two key elements:

  • Viewer interface: help you browse within pictures and videos.
  • Administration panel: help you control your webcampak and its sources.

A integrated user-rights management is in place to easily control users permissions.

To log into your Webcampak for the first time, open your web-browser at the following address: http://Webcampak_IP/ where "Webcampak_IP" is the IP Address of your Webcampak.

Default User/Password: root/webcampak

For security reasons please change your password as soon as possible..

A User Guide detailing all Webcampak features is available on this wiki.

Use Cases

You will find below some use cases, detailling configuration of the system from scratch.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about webcampak configuration or if you want us to provide you with a ready to shoot appliance fitting your business requirements.

Email: supportzzz@webcampak.com(remove "zzz").


Picture capture:

  • Sources:
    • Capture from DSLR or Compact cameras (PTP)
    • Capture from USB Webcams
    • Capture from IP Cameras (FTP, HTTP, RTSP)
    • Capture from Web files (HTTP, FTP)
    • Capture from another Webcampak
  • Filename containing date of the capture
  • Support multiple sources

Pictures manipulations:

  • Crop: size and area
  • Insert text/legend: Font, size, color, shadow, location
  • Insert Watermark: Location and transparency
    • Add a logo or mask on the picture
    • Mask some areas for privacy protection
  • Insert weather sensor (temperature, luminosity): size, location
  • Resize
  • Create thumbnails

Timelapse videos:

  • One per day
  • Custom (customized interval)
  • Pictures pre-processing:
    • Insert text/legend
    • Insert Watermark
    • Insert weather sensor (temperature, luminosity)
    • Resize
  • Add audio track (mp3 file or playlist)
  • Multiple H.264 video sizes (1080p, 720p, 480p, custom), customizable FPS
  • MP4 video files creation (for Web/Flash)

Remote control:

  • Web interface (HTTP - with login/pass)
    • Administration panel
    • Viewer interface
  • FTP access to pictures/videos (Internal FTP server)
  • VPN Compatibility (OpenVPN)

Automated captures:

  • Initiated via automated taks (Cron jobs):
    • Every X seconds (or minutes)
    • Specific timeframe during the day (i.e. from 8:00am to 8:00pm)
    • Specific timeframe during the week (i.e. from Monday to Thursday)
  • Initiated by motion detection:
    • Minimum capture interval (seconds or minutes)
    • Specific timeframe during the day (i.e. from 8:00am to 8:00pm)
    • Capture threshold (in pixels)
    • Capture masks (do not capture if motion detected in a specific area)

Send pictures and videos:

  • Send archives/videos to remote FTP server
  • Sent thumbnail/videoss to remote FTp server (same or different from archives)
  • Upload video to Youtube

System management:

  • Hard Disk space:
    • Delete pictures automatically after X days
    • Delete pictures automatically if global size is over X MB
  • Emails:
    • Send email in cas of capture error
    • Send email when the system is back online
    • Send email after custom video creation (video creation completed)
  • Phidget Electronic board
    • Restart automatically the camera in case of errors
    • Save weather sensors and generate daily graphs.
    • Affichage du processus de capture sur écran LCD

Product developped by Eurotechnia and Infracom.
Eurotechnia and/or Infracom cannot be liable for use of the product by their customers. Webcampak users are using the product under their responsibility. Eurotechnia and/or Infracom cannot be liable for inappropriate/illegal usage of the product (i.e. privacy).

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